You should queue for banks, not beers

The Tale of Tapped

Let’s face it, South Africans spend a considerable amount of time queuing.

Whilst we can accept this when attending to mundane tasks like visiting the bank, post office, grocery store or clinic. Wasting time in a queue when we should be having fun is simply not on!

In order to tackle this pressing issue, we didn’t just want to build a great App or invest in super fast equipment – we really wanted to give you back the time spent with friends and family, to give you the freedom to have fun on your own terms and enjoy the events you attend without queues getting in the way.

So we decided to change the game

For the South African socialite who would rather be having fun, getting a drink at a big event just got a whole lot faster and easier.

Using state-of-the-art technology imported from Europe we bust queues and deliver a consistent flow of quality beverages to thousands, in just seconds, through our easy to order, pay and collect mobile or permanent bar solution.

Give your event the Tapped treatment

What we offer event organisers



Tapped brings the tanks, speed-filler, mobile bar and technology all contained in fit-for-purpose vehicles for easy delivery and construction at indoor and outdoor venues. Permanent installations are also available.

Easy ordering

Consumers can choose to place their drinks’ order on their smartphone, with roaming sales personnel, or at the mobile bar. Bar staff access cloud and tablet-based technology to manage orders received and inform customers of their order status. Technology allows event-specific stock and pricing control as well as real-time stock availability.

Speed pouring of multiple brands

Tapped facilitates the pouring of five 500ml beverages in 10 seconds, up to three brands in a single pour, and up to 30 servings per minute. No changeovers of kegs, consistent temperature and quality across multiple brands, through Tapped’s insulated chilled beverage supply for the duration of an event.

Database & Reporting

Database & Reporting

Tapped’s customer base is recorded in a CRM database through the digital registration and activation of each member’s Tapped profile. Tapped technology records every order placed and poured and provides instant reporting during and/or after an event. With Tapped, every drop is accounted for.

Full spectrum service

The loyalty program embedded in the software will drive additional sales and event loyalty.

All beverage, POS and Application technology has been built for the specific requirements of the South African event industry.

All technology is cloud and tablet / smartphone based making the proposition cutting edge and reducing reliance on IT hardware.

Tapped facilitates all orders and manages all payments, whilst providing the event owner with direct access to the reporting system in real-time, thereby ensuring clarity on sales and payments.

The bar site will be fully set-up, inclusive of speedfillers, refrigeration units, cups, bar counters, shade covers and POS systems. At the end of the event Tapped will ensure an efficient site break-down and clean-up with recycling of relevant materials.

Tapped can service both outdoor events with no bar infrastructure or events held at established event sites with existing bar infrastructure.

As an event owner, you’ll feel the tangible Tapped difference! 

Organising an event, whether large or small, involves a considerable amount of planning, effort, cost and risk.

Tapped provides an end-to-end beverage solution to event owners, allowing you to focus on the key purpose of the event.

With a unique offering, event owners will benefit from the advanced equipment and technology without incurring the costs, risks and effort.

Tapped provides an end-to-end bar service at your event. We manage the orders, collection, set-up, pouring and post event clean-up, even the payments and event reporting.

There are no costs incurred in set-up, management and strike-down of bar services when selecting the full service option. Also no wages, salary and other administration costs are incurred.

Reduce the risk associated with the management and banking of cash at your event and reduce the cost of merchant fees associated with non-cash transactions.

Event owners incur no upfront costs. Tapped functions on a simple and transparent royalty model providing sales reporting during and after events.

Consumers will enjoy a superior experience with Tapped’s improved queue management, technology deployment and rewards. Happy customers will result in higher sales and positive event associations.

Customer behaviour data provides event insights and can be used to drive future loyalty initiatives and brand awareness.

What about the nuts ‘n bolts?

You may be wondering how we do what we do. Well, it’s simple really: We use the best technology to provide the best in beverage technology.

High-Volume Beverage Tanks

High Volume Beverages are supplied in 500L and 1000L Tanks ensuring a continuous supply of cold, quality beverage.

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Attaching directly to the Tank system is a Speedfiller capable of filling 5 x 500ML cups in 7 seconds – 2400 per hour. Allows for the pouring of 3 brands at one time.

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Bar Setup

From bar counters to temporary all-weather flooring and marquees, Tapped will provide a complete solution over and above the beverage and technology solutions already provided.

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Enjoy an event on your own terms

What we offer event attendees

Mobile App

Mobile App

Customers download the Tapped app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on their smartphone and register their profile prior to or at an event.

Easy Payment

Easy Payment 

Consumers pay from the Tapped app on their smartphones, on touchscreen tablets at the Tapped bar, or via roaming sales personnel with multiple payment channels. Visa and Mastercard are accepted. Cash payments will be accepted at the bar. Registration takes two minutes and requires very limited consumer information.

Easy Collection

Easy Collection

Once payments are processed, order confirmations are sent to the same device used to place the order. ‘Order ready’ notifications are sent to each customer’s smartphone, alerting them to collect their ready and waiting drinks at the Tapped bar.

Loyalty & Charity

Loyalty & Charity

A portion of every sale is allocated towards loyalty points on member’s profiles for them to redeem towards a safe ride home. Another percentage is donated towards the upliftment of underprivileged South Africans.

Party with heart

Thandulwazi Trust

For every beverage ordered at a Tapped event you’ll contribute 50 cents to improving the lives of underprivileged young South Africans, by giving them the gift of advanced educational support. Focused on ensuring young South Africans can create brighter futures for themselves through achievement in Mathematics and Science in grade 11 and 12, the Thandulwazi Trust funds access to teachers and facilities at no cost to the students.

Funds generated go directly to paying for course material and teacher remuneration, whilst facilities are provided by the trust.

Education is the cornerstone of developing a more prosperous society for all and Tapped is committed to supporting this goal!

Visit the Thandulwazi Trust’s website

Time to get Tapped!

Could it be any easier?

Download the App and register your account

Choose your nearest pickup point

Confirm your account

Choose your product type

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Confirm your order

Confirm your age

Choose your payment method

Pay, then pickup once you receive a notification that your order is ready!

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We don’t bite!

Event-goers can download the Tapped app on their smartphone from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and register their profile to prepare for their upcoming event.

Event owners, please can contact Andrew directly on 082 045 2905 to have Tapped at your next event.